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building fields

Overview of Haxe snippets and tutorials tagged with building fields.

  • This macro function automatically assigns parameters of method to local variables.‥

  • Sometimes it is useful make your arrays compile-time, for example to embed data from files, to pre-calculate heavy calculations, generating lookup tables and other similar things. With macros this is perfectly doable but requires some basic knowledge of expression building. In this article you will find out how to build arrays and return them as expressions in a macro function.‥

  • This snippet demonstrates how to add a map field to a type.‥

  • Virtually adds this property to a class: public var myVar(get, null):Float; private inline function get_myVar():Float { return 1.5; }‥

  • Virtually adds this static variable to a class: public inline static var STATIC_VAR:Float = 1.5;‥

  • This example generates a constructor-function for each field of a class to easily create value object classes.‥

  • Automatically generate dispatch functions as:‥