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Zip files

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The haxe.zip package allows to zip and unzip files and directories using Haxe. This example shows how to use it.

Note: This only works on the sys-targets.

Zip a directory

The following example reads the directory "build/game/" with all of its content (recursively) and writes it to a zip file called output.zip.

// recursive read a directory, add the file entries to the list
function getEntries(dir:String, entries:List<haxe.zip.Entry> = null, inDir:Null<String> = null) {
    if (entries == null) entries = new List<haxe.zip.Entry>();
    if (inDir == null) inDir = dir;
    for(file in sys.FileSystem.readDirectory(dir)) {
        var path = haxe.io.Path.join([dir, file]);
        if (sys.FileSystem.isDirectory(path)) {
            getEntries(path, entries, inDir);
        } else {
            var bytes:haxe.io.Bytes = haxe.io.Bytes.ofData(sys.io.File.getBytes(path).getData());
            var entry:haxe.zip.Entry = {
                fileName: StringTools.replace(path, inDir, ""), 
                fileSize: bytes.length,
                fileTime: Date.now(),
                compressed: false,
                dataSize: sys.FileSystem.stat(path).size,
                data: bytes,
                crc32: haxe.crypto.Crc32.make(bytes)
    return entries;
// create the output file 
var out = sys.io.File.write("output.zip", true);
// write the zip file
var zip = new haxe.zip.Writer(out);

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