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Latest articles

09-05-2017 Beginner / Working with date and time

The Date class provides a basic structure for date and time related information. This article shows how to work with the date and time tools.‥

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28-02-2017 JavaScript / Create a server with Haxe/NodeJS

The following tutorial creates a http server using Haxe/Node.js at port 8000 and demonstrates how to build and run it.‥

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27-02-2017 Beginner / Loading an external file

This example uses haxe.Http to load external json file using and demonstrates how to handle the result.‥

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27-02-2017 JavaScript / Adding a HTML element to the DOM

This is an example to add a paragraph element to the HTML page when the DOM is ready. This tutorial contains two methodes; with and without jQuery.‥

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The cross-platform development toolkit

Haxe is a modern high-level strictly-typed programming language with a fast optimizing cross-compiler.

Download Haxe 3.4.2
Released: 2017-03-20

Learning by example

The Haxe Foundation facilitates the following code cookbook for the Haxe commmunity. Enjoy learning Haxe; It is great!

More documentation:

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The project is being developed on GitHub. Feel free to contribute code snippets, tutorials and how-to guides.

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